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FENG CHA: Lactose-Free Option

For our customers that are lactose intolerant, we have plenty of lactose-free options just for you.

● A list of lactose-free drinks on our menu:

○ All Brewed Tea and Coffee

○ All fruit drinks

○ Chrysanthemum Ginger Honey Tea

○ Mango Au Lait

○ Matcha Latte

○ Strawberry Breeze

○ Taro Breeze

○ Pineapple Caffe Latte

○ Dirty Caffe Latte

● A list of lactose-free alternative option available on these drinks:

○ Ginger Milk Tea

○ Classic Milk Tea

○ Thai Milk Tea

Note: Ask for Lactaid milk.

● A list of drinks that include non-lactose-free items that may be removed from our menu:

○ All Milk Foam Teas

○ Dirty Boba

○ Sunny Side Up Coffee

○ Lemon Cream Caffe

○ Oreo Cheese Milk Tea

Note: If the milk foam topping is removed for the above drinks, they are lactose-free.

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